I may have mentioned on here that I was tipped off to some Lands’ End Canvas “slim fit” jeans. I was skeptical at first but they were on sale for $15 so I ordered a pair in indigo. When I tried them on I was shocked at how well they fit. A few weeks later, I saw the same pair were on sale for $15 in white. Naturally, I ordered them immediately in the same size as the indigo pair (34x32). I was disappointed to find that they were noticeably smaller than their indigo counterparts. Like, sausage-leg, hipster-skinny jeans smaller (maybe an exaggeration but you can look at the photos and make your own assessment).

I took some measurements:

Front Rise, indigo: 11.25” / Front Rise, white: 10.75”

Rear Rise, indigo: 16.75” / Rear Rise, white: 15.00”

Thighs, indigo: 12.50” / Thighs, white: 12.25”

Leg opening, indigo: 8.00” / Leg opening, white: 7.75”

I have worn the indigo pair several times and the white pair has only been tried on. However, the disparity in measurements doesn’t seem like it could be explained by just stretch. This amount of variation between styles of the same size is unacceptable!

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  1. refinedcoast said: The same thing could be said for GAP denim. Their white denim fits much tighter than their indigo counterparts.
  2. stitchedideas said: How does it fit in the back? that’s just as important as the fit in the front.
  3. dropdeadprep said: i had the exact same experience when fitting these in sears. ended up purchasing the white one’s though
  4. thesilentist said: Wow. They have some major inconsistencies between types. Not a lot of quality control here.
  5. a-differentcloth said: I felt the same way re LEC’s OCBDs. Bought a striped one before, was perfect. A solid green one later had way too much fabric.
  6. missjennab said: THIGHS AS BIG AS YOUR HEAAAAAAAD.
  7. modrockers said: The whites are already too tight, especially in the crotch but the true proof will be when you put stuff in those front pockets. Uggggggghhhhh…. Definitely go up a size.
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