It’s on sale: Brooks Brothers chambray Irish linen sport shirts — The series of pre-Father’s Day sales continues with 30% off all sport shirts today at Brooks Brothers. 

Unfortunately, Brooks Brothers’s sport shirts are too short in the sleeves for me, but for those of you with normal proportions this is a pretty good deal. The shirts have the Brooks Brothers “polo” collar, which is probably my favorite off-the-rack button-down collar out there — yet another reason for me to be jealous of those of you who can fit them. 

Linen shirts are fantastic for the summer, as I’ve said many times, because they just breathe so damned well in the heat. I just picked up a linen shirt from a local shirtmaker in San Francisco (yes, a review is forthcoming) and tried it out this past weekend when the heat hit the low 80s. I was really glad I’d planned ahead for the summer and gotten several made and plan to wear them on my vacation to wine country this weekend. 

What color: blue or white? I have a stubborn dedication toward blue shirts, but I cannot deny that white shirts in the summer do a great job of offsetting one’s tanned complexion, especially when framed by a navy jacket. 

If you live in a climate that gets hot in the summer, do yourself a favor and pony up for a linen shirt or two. Definitely worth it. Also this model is pretty much the same from what I can tell (same price, different colors available).

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    Oh hey, BB is doing their summer clearance sale. These shirts and other select items are now 30% off if you buy one, 50%...
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    Copped. I’m not a huge fan of the Brooks Brothers’ Extra-Slim Fit sport shirts. The Small is too tight across the chest...
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    Wore the Irish Linen OCBD yesterday. It’s love.
  10. suitsandboots said: The “non-chambray” version of the shirt is also on sale but looks to be more gauze-y. I might get one of each just to see the difference.
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