Another day, another watchband made out of an animal hide. This time from FormFunctionForm. A very blog-friendly brand, FFF offers handmade wares of (to my knowledge) unique design.

This is the shell cordovan button stud watch band. The devilishly simple band is made of a strip of Horween shell cordovan and a stainless steel stud affixed via Chicago screw. Shawn of FFF told me that it would fit snug at first but relax with wear to a better fit. He wasn’t lying. I could barely put it on at first but after a few weeks of wear, it’s stretched to fit my wrist nicely.

Bands are made in the USA and customizable in terms of color, width, and length (I got mine in color #8). Get em while they’re still available. They’re $105 which, to my knowledge, is the least expensive shell watchband you can procure.

*Edit* Also, because I get this question so much, I’ll answer it right here. The actual watch is a modified Seiko automatic (with sapphire lens). It was done by Harold Ng of yobokies. Harold doesn’t have a real online store so you have to e-mail him and tell him what you want. He may not have the parts you want in stock so you have to ask him what’s available and he’ll tell you how much everything costs.

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