I’ve been looking for a decent carry-on bag for a bit now to replace my terrible, $20 Gap duffle that looks like an overstuffed sausage when packed for only a few days if I can even get the broken zipper to cooperate.

It’s between the Muji 33L wheeled hardshell and the J.W. Hulme #5 small field duffle. Since the JWH duffle is a sample, (with shipping) they both come out to be just under $200.

Anyone have any thoughts or first-hand experience?

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  1. a-differentcloth said: I love me some Hulme, but I would go with the hard shell
  2. lucilleismydog answered: Larry (@felitto) from J.W. Hulme is a fantastic guy, so I automatically lean that way. I have a few bags and recommend them to everyone.
  3. thesilentist answered: I would go w/ the duffle. Hardshells can’t “deform” to fit in smaller overheads & more likely to be gatechecked. Duffles can be “stuffed”.
  4. ericcano answered: Hard shell is the way to go.
  5. jacobedenfield answered: Go with the wheeled hardshell. You won’t be sorry.
  6. andrew-woj answered: I love my Muji hardshell… LOVE it.
  7. tangodancingphdcandidate answered: I prefer duffles because they can fit in the overhead cabins in the smaller Embraerjets that sometimes fly out of smaller airports
  8. randomitus said: Muji products are guaranteed quality. If you can spring for Rimowa I’d invest though!
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