When you think of Chicago pizza, the image of the tall wall of crust containing a thick slab of molten cheese and the layer of sauce on top comes to mind. Deep dish/pan pizza is the Chicago-style pizza. But because of its sheer decadence by nature of the giant slices with ungodly amounts of cheese, deep dish remains an investment of time, money, and effort best saved for special occasions. Enter the Chicago thin crust pizza.

Differing from New York pizza in many ways (I won’t get into them now), one of the more interesting differences is the way Chicago thin crust is served. “Party cut” or “tavern cut” into squares, the thin crust pizza offers non-homogenous pieces (inside crustless, outside with crust, and tiny outside triangles). Perhaps a subtle tribute to the Cartesian grid of arterial streets in the city, the way the pizza for the masses in Chicago is cut is a tradition worth noting.

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    THIS is Chicago-style pizza.
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    Oh, pizza, how I miss you. I’ve been living in new orleans for 3.5 years and not once did it occur to me that i’ve never...
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    I was thinking about this place today. I saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and I HAVE to go.
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    I love you, Chicago pizza. I actually didn’t realize square slices were a Chicago exclusive, that’s what I grew up with...
  6. quenchless said: I want to go to there and never leave.
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    I’ve been all over and NO ONE tops Chicago’s variety and quality of pizza. Sorry NYC, you’re not even close…still love...
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    I need to go home.
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    Word to your mother, cousin, and in-laws. Chicago thin crust rules the world.
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    Let me tell you about the butter thin-crust at Pizano’s. Oh shit. If you’re stuck working late, make your boss buy you a...
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    Sometimes I enjoy the chicago thin crust more than the deep dish and this totally makes me miss home.
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    missing home right about now
  14. manshion said: and with that, it is decided, pizza is for lunch.
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    Everybody knows about...dish, but Chicago-style
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    I know what I’m seeking out for lunch now.
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    leading into my favorite tommy tweet of all time, “I have a dream that all pizza will be one day judged not by its shape...
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  19. stylegirlfriend said: why would you put that up at 1030 in the morning? now all I can think about is midwestern pizza (which I think - perhaps with bias - is totally better than the stuff they serve in nyc)
  20. thesilentist said: OK, so, where’s your favorite thin-crust pizza?
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    Pizza. I’m deathly serious about this. I will miss you
  22. jhilla said: Fuck yes, thank you for posting this.
  23. superdanger-us said: am getting lou malnatis as soon as possible on friday.
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